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If you would like to sign up for our VIP Membership, please contact us so that we may process your transaction. Our Membership packages are as follows:

Relaxation & Rejuvenation Membership

Release your tension and stress or erase impurities while giving your face a healthy glow.
Each Month You Receive:
1 Massage or 1 Facial
Per Month
Signature Delight Membership
The ultimate pedicure experience. Your feet are tended to as if you are royalty.
Each Month You Receive:
1 Signature Pedicure
Per Month

Healthier Hands & Feet Membership

Neglected feet have skin that is up to 30 times thicker than any other part of the body. As feet age, the skin becomes drier and more vulnerable to cracking at the heel, causing calluses and an unappealing appearance.
Each Month You Receive:
2 Manicures
2 Pedicures
$79 Per Month

Total Wellness Membership

If you are looking to live a more balanced life, then the Total Wellness membership is your ideal choice.
Each Month You Receive:
1 Healthy Feet Pedicure
1 Massage or Facial
$89 Per Month

Terms & Conditions

  1. My credit/debit card will be kept on file for automatic payments and will be available for use for gratuity, upgrades, products, etc.
  2. As long as my payments are up to date, my membership is deemed as active.
  3. If my payment has been declined, membership services will be placed on hold until another form of payment has been received.
  4. I may cancel my membership at any time, for any reason. A 30-day notice is required to cancel my membership. Again, my membership will be canceled 30 days after I notify M.C. Spa & Nail Bar. Any unused membership services must be redeemed within 30 days after the cancellation date (not the date I notify M.C. Spa & Nail Bar). (Not Applicable For Spa Your Way Membership)
  5. I will not be refunded for any of my unused membership services after cancellation.
  6. I will not receive a partial refund for any months remaining on my annual Spa Your Way Membership.
  7. I can freeze my membership at any time for up to 90 days. During the freeze period, I will not be billed for my membership. (Not Applicable For Spa Your Way Membership)
  8. My unused membership services will roll over from month to month as long as my membership is active. (Not Applicable For Spa Your Way Membership)
  9. I may share my membership services with friends and family with the understanding that we may not redeem membership services during the same visit. (Not Applicable For Spa Your Way Membership)
  10. A $10 fee will be charged for weekend visits. (Not Applicable For Spa Your Way Membership)
  11. For friends/family using my membership, I will instruct them to book their appointment(s) using my name. (Not Applicable For Spa Your Way Membership)
  12. My membership includes specific services. If I wish to upgrade any of those services, I will pay the difference between my membership service price and the upgraded service price. I will inform the front desk staff that I would like to upgrade my service(s) while booking my appointment. (Not Applicable For Spa Your Way Membership)

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