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M.C. Spa Signature Manicure

This detailed manicure begins with a hand exfoliating treatment to eliminate dead skin. Then, a paraffin treatment is applied to help rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Your nails and cuticles are cared for, followed by a tension-relief massage from hand to elbow. Complete your experience with a polish of choice.
$  55

Long-Lasting Manicure

A Gel Manicure is the latest solution for busy people who require their manicures to last longer without chipping or fading. You will have all the essential steps of a classic manicure with two different options of polish-shellac or gel polish. Your nail technician can recommend the ideal choice for you.
$  30

I Have Nails

If your nails won’t grow, but you want long nails, then acrylic or gel is your ideal choice. Let one of MC Spa’s nail artists help you love your hands again. Your nails will look natural and beautiful. You will also have polish options • Pink and White • French • American  Next Gen Full Set $45 | * Acrylic Fill $25 | * Gel Fill $35 | * Next Gen Fill $35  Acrylic Pink & White Full Set $45 – Fill $30
$  25

Youthful Hands

This is an anti-aging treatment for your hands. We begin with a gentle scrub to prepare your hands for a warm paraffin treatment, followed by a gentle massage with a moisturizing cream. This treatment gently deposits a protective film over your hands, giving them softness and hydration. A great addition to any manicure. $30
$  30


The mini–mani is ideal for someone short on time. Your nail artist will care for your nails and apply your favorite polish. Your hands and nails will look and feel beautiful again.
$  20


M.C. Spa Signature Pedicure

The ultimate pedicure experience. Your feet are tended to as if you are royalty. Toenails, cuticles, and soles of your feet are cared for. This hour and 15-minute experience includes a massage for feet, head, neck, shoulders, arms, and reflexology. Followed by your choice of polish. Hot stone optional.
$  85

Renew My Sole

This cherished pedicure is designed for you to admire your feet after meticulous toenail, cuticle, and sole grooming care. Then, enjoy a relaxing hydrating foot treatment to renew your sole while receiving a head, neck, shoulder, and arm massage designed to dissolve stress and tension, providing you with a deep sense of relaxation. Complete this renewal experience with flawless polish. Feel refreshed to the very sole.
$  70

Happy Feet

This traditional pedicure begins with a soak, exfoliation, callus removal, toenails, and cuticle care, followed by a hydrating foot mask. Next, enjoy a 25-minute massage for your legs, feet, and neck, along with your choice of polish
$  55


Beyond your typical pedicure… PediFlex offers all the steps of a classic pedicure with a 25-minute reflexology treatment. Reflexology is a proven-effective Chinese modality that will help calm the nervous system, allowing the body to achieve wellness and a state of equilibrium.
$  55


Step into Bliss. Your pedicure begins with an aromatic sea salt soak, continues with an incredible exfoliation, cuticle, and nail care. Your feet are then wrapped in warmth with a nourishing mask, followed by an unforgettable foot, lower leg, scalp, and shoulder massage. Your choice of polish concludes your blissful experience
$  55

Healthy Feet

This is the ideal experience for people who want to maintain healthy-looking feet. It offers light pedi care and a 15-minute massage.
$  40


Hot Stone Therapy Massage

This massage experience includes hot stone therapy to help restore balance in your body and mind through many different techniques. The hot stones combined with a massage provides relaxation, releases muscular tension, stimulates endorphins, and helps obtain a deeper sense of balance.
$  80 For two – $145

Stress Be Gone Massage

This experience offers a combination of massage modalities to best address your concerns. Inform your therapist of the desired pressure and the areas you would like to focus on, and the massage will be totally customized according to your needs.
$  75 For two – $140

Tension Relief Massage

Immerse yourself in luxurious essential oil aromas while receiving a full-body Swedish massage. Your therapist will help you select the ideal essential oil to erase tension and meet your specific therapeutic and relaxation needs. Gentle, soothing techniques, organic fragrances, and a professional massage quiets the mind, releases stress and tension, and provides total renewal.
$  75 For two – $140

Sports Massage

The Deep Tissue full-body massage is ideal for sore muscles that are in need of deeper work. It includes a mini back treatment and hot towels to increase circulation and relax tight muscles. You will feel tension and stress released to restore muscle integrity as well as overall body balance.
$  75 For two – $140

Zen Balance Massage

Reflexology is based on ancient Chinese therapies. It is comprised of the belief that the points on the bottom of the feet are energetically connected to specific areas of the body. By stimulating these points, the corresponding body parts are benefited. Reflexology neutralizes the effects of stress by inducing a deep state of relaxation that calms the nervous system and allows the body to achieve a state of equilibrium.
$  40


Glow Facial

The M.C. Spa signature facial will help you erase impurities and provides you with a healthy glow. Experience a deep enzyme exfoliation, followed by gentle steam and the ideal treatment mask. Your complexion emerges wonderfully clear and visibly soothed. Treatment is customized according to your skin type.
$  85

Deep Cleansing Facial

Are skin imperfections reducing your self-esteem? Make your imperfections disappear! This Deep Cleansing Facial specifically addresses problematic, oily skin prone to breakouts. By targeting your most common concerns, skin impurities are gently polished away with deep enzyme exfoliation, followed by gentle steam and your ideal treatment mask. Your complexion emerges wonderfully clear and visibly soothed, putting your best face forward! This treatment is ideal for teens and adults with problematic skin.
$  85

Resurface Facial

Experience this Dermalogica skin treatment to accelerate skin brightening, improve texture, and balance skin tone while regulating overactive pigment cells. This unique combination of advanced exfoliation, penetration technology, and active peptide ingredients works to treat and control hyperpigmentation at its core. The result? Clearer, smoother, brighter, more evenly toned luminous skin.
$  85

Acne Be Gone Facial

This treatment is specifically designed for problematic skin. Your skin impurities are gently polished away with a deep enzyme exfoliation, followed by gentle steam and your ideal treatment mask. Your complexion emerges wonderfully cleansed, visibly clear, and soothed, putting your best face forward!
$  85


Facial Waxing

Lip Waxing

$  10

Eyebrow Waxing

$  12

Chin Waxing

$  15

Face Waxing

$  40

Body Waxing

Arm Waxing

$  40 Half Arm $15

Back Waxing

$  40

Leg Waxing

$  50 Half Leg $25

Feminine Waxing

Bikini Waxing

$  45

Brazilian Waxing

$  70

Eyelash Extensions

Long and thick eyelashes have always been a symbol of beauty and will always remain to be one. With the various ways of getting eyelash extensions, now every woman can follow their dream of getting those luscious sparkling eyes anytime they want.

Lash extensions are basically a way to make your existing eyelashes more extended and longer than before. Eyelash extensions are either semi-permanent or permanent. There is another category of false eyelashes, which are one-time wear and are usually worn with makeup and taken off when you take off your makeup. At M.C. Spa & Nail Bar, when we talk of extensions, however, it is the semi-permanent effect that we consider.

The best option in semi-permanent eyelashes is going to a professional expert. An M.C. Spa & Nail Bar professional expert will suggest the right kind of eyelashes that will suit your style in terms of thickness, color, and degrees of curl. Our licensed aestheticians will put your eyelash extensions on your naturally existing eyelashes. These extensions require to touch up sessions every 2 to 3 weeks so that a more long-lasting effect is retained.

With eyelash extensions from M.C. Spa & Nail Bar, you would not have to wear any mascara, eyelash thickening, and curling creams, or any curlers.

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